My Defining Moments: Introduction

Episode 24: Non Stanford, Triathlon My Defining Moments

At the age of 9, Non Stanford decided she wanted to be an Olympian. She tried Gymnastics, Swimming and Athletics before finding Triathlon, the sport that would take her to the Games. Mentored by Dame Kelly Holmes throughout her teenage years, Non was a talented junior middle distance runner who became a world beating triathlete. After becoming world champion in 2013, Non achieved her childhood dream when she became an Olympian at the Rio 2016 Games. However, the Games were bittersweet, finishing in 4th place just a few seconds behind her friend and team-mate Vicky Holland. The years that followed were tough on her mental health. But there was to be a happy ending to her career, winning Commonwealth silver for Wales in the Team Relay and a fairytale final race that brought home a European gold medal. So once you've finished your swim, get listening to Non's five defining moments as you cycle and run your way home!
  1. Episode 24: Non Stanford, Triathlon
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