My Defining Moments: Introduction

Episode 13: Chris Brown, Athletics My Defining Moments

Don't panic. This episode isn't actually about me and my love of Athletics! For episode 13, I had to invite my namesake Chris Brown onto the podcast. The Bahamian star of Track and Field has enjoyed a glorious career spanning over 20 years. Nicknamed "Fireman", Chris has won 14 global medals, indoors and out. London 2012 saw the 400m legend lead off the Bahamas relay team to a famous gold medal, which definitely helped appease many individual 4th place finishes at major championships. So, which 5 defining moments has Chris Brown chosen? Listen as Chris Brown asks Chris Brown! If you enjoy listening to Chris Brown, I'm on social media @ChrisBrownSport and the podcast is @MyDefiningPod on Twitter & @MyDefiningMomentsPod on Instagram. Don't forget to subscribe to the My Defining Moments podcast and leave a comment or review via your podcast supplier. I also really appreciate your feedback on the socials, so feel free to share this episode! Thank you for listening! Chris Brown
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