Episode 24: Non Stanford, Triathlon

At the age of 9, Non Stanford decided she wanted to be an Olympian. She tried Gymnastics, Swimming and Athletics before finding Triathlon, the sport that would take her to the Games.

Mentored by Dame Kelly Holmes throughout her teenage years, Non was a talented junior middle distance runner who became a world beating triathlete. After becoming world champion in 2013, Non achieved her childhood dream when she became an Olympian at the Rio 2016 Games.

However, the Games were bittersweet, finishing in 4th place just a few seconds behind her friend and team-mate Vicky Holland. The years that followed were tough on her mental health. But there was to be a happy ending to her career, winning Commonwealth silver for Wales in the Team Relay and a fairytale final race that brought home a European gold medal.

So once you’ve finished your swim, get listening to Non’s five defining moments as you cycle and run your way home!

Episode 23: Lutalo Muhammad, Taekwondo

Not only is Lutalo Muhammad Great Britain’s most successful male Taekwondo practitioner, he’s also the latest guest to discuss the 5 moments that defined his career. 

In this episode of My Defining Moments, the recently retired 31-year-old discusses the controversy surrounding his selection for the London 2012 Olympic Games, his agonising last-second defeat in the 2016 Olympic final and his honest thoughts on the current state of Taekwondo.

Plus, you’ll hear some of Lutalo’s plans for the future! Could he be heading for MMA? Or a continuation of his already successful broadcasting career? Or both?! Either way, Lutalo certainly has a lot to talk about, so kick back and listen to our in-depth conversation.

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Episode 22: Tom Bosworth, Athletics

Over the summer, Tom Bosworth retired from the sport of Athletics. The 32-year-old race walker enjoyed an emotional send-off at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. In this episode of My Defining Moments, Tom reflects on his career and looks ahead to the future.

Hear Tom discuss his late start to Athletics, coming out as gay on breakfast TV and his mental health struggles following London 2017.
Plus, he looks back on finishing Top 8 at all four major championships – Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth.

There’s a lot of interesting insights into life as an elite athlete, so why not go out for a long walk and let Tom’s story inspire you!

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Episode 21: Nathan Adrian, Swimming

Nathan Adrian is one of Team USA’s most decorated swimmers. The 2012 Olympic 100m Freestyle champion has enjoyed plenty of success in the pool, but recently had to battle something bigger than a major swim meet – cancer.

On this episode of My Defining Moments, Nathan talks through that cancer diagnosis, his first swim back in the pool and how he returned to the top stop of the podium the following year.

We also took a deep dive into Nathan’s early career, including the incredible journey to his first Olympic Games in 2008, how important the NCAAs are to his success and what it is like to become Olympic champion.

Plus, we hear stories of life in the ready room, racing with and against Michael Phelps and how important the US Olympic team officials are in the dining hall.

This is definitely one to listen to if you’re a young swimmer dreaming of Olympic glory!

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Episode 20: Tiffany Porter, Athletics

Episode 20! And my guest for this milestone episode is another recent retiree from Track and Field.

Tiffany Porter has won medals at the World Championships, Commonwealth Games and a European title over the 100m hurdles. Also a prolific medallist indoors over the 60m hurdles, Tiffany discusses her decade-long career at the top flight of Athletics.

But hurdling isn’t all that defines this talented Olympian. Tiffany talks about her pharmacy career, life as a working mother and her new career in broadcasting and content production.

Plus, we speak about her Track family, including husband and coach Jeff Porter and her fellow Olympic finalist, and sister, Cindy Sember.

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Episode 19: Brittney Reese, Athletics

For the first episode of 2022, we have a G.O.A.T! Long jump legend Brittney Reese chats through the 5 defining moments of her life and career.

A recent retiree from Track & Field, the American has pretty much done it all and won it all! 8 global titles, including 7 world gold medals and that special Olympic victory in 2012.

But that’s not all Brittney had to discuss, we chatted about the adoption of her son, the passing of her grandfather and the current state of Athletics.

So get ready to reflect on a 15 year career with one of the most popular, most under-rated and most decorated athlete of all time.

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Episode 18 (Part 4) – 2021 Review, Other Sports

It’s the final part of our 2021 review!

Plenty of other sporting events happened this year; Football almost came home via Euro 2020, there was a first at the Grand National and the Formula 1 season was the most dramatic for a decade.

Joining Chris for this podcast is Tim Adams, sports fan and social media star for Athletics Weekly. Covering everything from Athletics to NFL, we’ve got you covered!

So what are the other 5 defining moments of the 2021 sporting year? Listen to find out!

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Thank you all for listening this year and see you in 2022 for more My Defining Moments!

Episode 18 (Part 3) – 2021 Review, Tennis

Time to serve up some tennis! It’s the third of four special episodes, reflecting on the 2021 year of sport.

Given the incredible success of British Tennis in 2021, we had to discuss the defining moments of the tennis year.

Actor and tennis fan Dan Connolly joins Chris to go over the talking points of the 2021 tennis season. It’s his podcast debut, so go easy on him!

Grab yourself some strawberries and cream, and listen to our tennis review!

Episode 18 (Part 2) – 2021 Review, Tokyo Paralympics

In this second of the four part series reviewing the 2021 year of sport, we reflect on the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Joining Chris for this episode is T35 Para-Athlete Maria Verdeille, who was working as part of Channel 4’s Paralympic coverage for Tokyo. But what are her 5 defining moments of the Games?

Sit back and enjoy reminiscing about a wonderful Tokyo Paralympics!

Episode 18 (Part 1) – 2021 Review, Tokyo Olympics

2021 is over. And what a year it has been! 

This is Part 1 of the My Defining Moments sporting review of the year.
In each of the 4 part series, a guest will discuss the 5 defining moments of their category.

In this first part, Alex Walker joins Chris to re-live the highlights of the Tokyo Olympic Games.