Episode 21: Nathan Adrian, Swimming

Nathan Adrian is one of Team USA’s most decorated swimmers. The 2012 Olympic 100m Freestyle champion has enjoyed plenty of success in the pool, but recently had to battle something bigger than a major swim meet – cancer.

On this episode of My Defining Moments, Nathan talks through that cancer diagnosis, his first swim back in the pool and how he returned to the top stop of the podium the following year.We also took a deep dive into Nathan’s early career, including the incredible journey to his first Olympic Games in 2008, how important the NCAAs are to his success and what it is like to become Olympic champion.

Plus, we hear stories of life in the ready room, racing with and against Michael Phelps and how important the US Olympic team officials are in the dining hall.

This is definitely one to listen to if you’re a young swimmer dreaming of Olympic glory!

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Thanks for listening to the My Defining Moments podcast!


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