Episode 8: John Naber, Swimming

John Naber: Olympian, Swimmer, Broadcaster, Storyteller & Teacher.

A very inspiring and motivating conversation with one of the Olympic greats in the pool. 

John Naber is one of America’s greatest Olympians. At the Montreal Games in 1976, he won 4 gold medals and 1 silver, becoming the most decorated athlete from those Olympics.

However, his world records stuck around longer than he did. Upon retiring aged 21, John has gone on to work at Disneyland, broadcast for American television and chair the US Olympic Alumni Association.

In this podcast, John opens up about his faith, his work with the Olympic movement and how he sees the life of an Olympian today.

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I hope you feel motivated after listening to this episode! I’ll be back with more My Defining Moments. Thanks for listening!


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