Episode 10: Sally Gunnell OBE, Athletics

Episode 10! Double digits!

And to celebrate turning 10, my guest for this special episode is the athlete who turned me into a sports fan.

Sally Gunnell is one of the most successful athletes in the history of British athletics. Sally began her career as a heptathlete, but she then focused on the 100m Hurdles, before finally finding her calling over 400m Hurdles.

Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth gold medals all followed, as did the World Record. However, Sally was unable to defend any of those titles due to numerous injuries and she ended her track career in 1997.

Following her retirement, Sally worked for the BBC and has been involved with numerous projects and charities.

So sit back and enjoy listening to the 5 Defining Moments in the career of Sally Gunnell.

Thank you all for listening!


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